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WHAT'S INSIDE: You have a story. We all do. Actually, you have LOTS of stories. Your story consists of many rich chapters that are spread over the course of your lifetime. Those chapters range from happy to sad to traumatic and everything in between. Your story is part of  YOU And YOUR STORY Matters. YOUR LIFE Matters!
This mini course is designed to get you on the journey to discovering more about who you are and why your story matters. I want you to find your story and embrace the lessons too. The best part is You can use your stories to resonate with your audience and  customers too. In fact, it is the Secret Sauce to connecting even more to the people that you want to attract!

I give you my FAVORITE Story Prompts that have helped my clients easily answer the most pressing question: Where and How do I begin to tell my story?
Then, we will explore patterns and recurring themes and I have Special Bonus that you don’t wanna miss!
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